Japan Institute for Space and Security 

Japan Institute for Space and Security (JISS) is a think tank that proactively engages with continuous expert study and advocates effective actions to promote development of Japanese industry and international cooperation in the areas of space and security, in furtherance of enhancing Japan’s national security using space, as well as securing safe and stable utilization of space.

JISS conducts such activities as follows:
• Study and analysis of space related issues to strengthen Japan’s national  security capabilities and cooperation with allies and partner nations
• Support in developing policies related to the above and recommendation of effective measures to realize policy goals
• Promotion of international cooperation in systems and technology related to space and security.

Founded:   July 11, 2018
Address:   Nagata-cho SR Building 3F 2-12-8 Nagata-cho,
                 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014 Japan
Phone:      (81) 3-6205-4744
eMail:        office@jiss.or.jp
Website:    http://www.jiss.or.jp/

【Board of Directors】(as of Feburary 18, 2019)

・Chairman: Satoshi MORIMOTO (former Defense Minister of Japan)
・President: Hiroshi IMAZU (former member of House of Representatives,
                           former Chairman, Research Commission on Security, LDP
                           former Chairman, Space Policy Research Council, LDP)
・Vice President: Haruhiko KATAOKA, Ph. D (former Chief of Staff, JASDF)
・Vice President: Junichi NISHIYAMA (Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Future Engineering)
・Director: Masato NAGASE  (President, Global Inshight Corporation) 
・Auditor: Tetsuya NISHIKAWA (former Assistant Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary)


JISS Membership:
・Corporate Member
・Individual Member
・Associate Corporate Member (for donation and support purposes)
・Associate Individual Member (for donation and support purposes)


【Advisor】(as of March 1, 2019)

[Diet Members]
<The House of Representatives>
・Hon. Takeo KAWAMURA (former Chief Cabinet Secretary) 
・Hon. Gen NAKATANI (former Defense Minister)
・Hon. Yasukazu HAMADA (former Defense Minister)
・Hon. Akinori ETO (former Defense Minister)
・Hon. Itsunori ONODERA (former Defense Minister)
・Hon. Yasutoshi NISHIMURA (Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary)
・Hon. Minoru TERADA (Chairman, Special Committee on Space Policy, LDP)
・Hon. Taku OTSUKA (former State Minister for Finance)
・Hon. Minoru KIHARA (former State Minister for Finance)
・Hon. Kenji WAKAMIYA (former State Minister for Defense)
・Hon. Keitaro ONO (former Parliamentary Vice Minister for Defense)
・Hon. Shinichi NAKATANI (Secretary General, Special Committee on Space Policy, LDP)
<The House of Councillors>
・Hon. Masahisa SATO (State Minister for Foreign Affairs)
・Hon. Takashi UTO (former Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs)

・Dr. James E. Auer: Director, James E. Auer US-Japan Center (AUSJC), Professor Emeritus Vanderbilt Univ.
・Mr. Peter J. Marquez: Partner, Andart Global (former Director, Space Policy, NSC)
・Mr. Torkel L. Patterson: Director, Central Japan Railway Company (former Special Assistant to President, NSC)


【Supporters and Contributors】

・Setsuko AOKI, Professor, Keio University
・Takashi IKEMOTO, former Advisor, NPO Co-JASPA
・Shigeru IWASAKI, former Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, MOD
・Ryoichi ORIKI, former Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, MOD
・Yoshiyuki KASAI, Honorary Chairman, Central Japan Railway Company
・Hirofumi KATASE, former Vice Minister, METI
・Eiichi KIUCHI, former Fellow, NPO Co-JASPA
・Yukio KITAMURA, Representative Director, Space Associates
・Tetsuro KUROE, former Administrative Vice Minister, MOD
・Yoshinori KOMIYA, former Director General, NSPS, Cabinet Office
・Koki KOYAMA, Board Director, Space Unit President, SKY Perfect JSAT Corp
・Katsuhiko SAITO, Representative Director, Saito Consulting
・Setsuhiro SHIMOMURA, Special Advisor, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
・Kazuto SUZUKI, Professor, Hokkaido University
・Shinichi NAKASUKA, Professor, Tokyo University
・Masato NAGASE, President, Global Insight Corporation
・Masanori NISHI, former Administrative Vice Minister, MOD
・Junichi NISHIYAMA, Senior Research Fellow, IFENG
・Torkel PATTERSON, former Special Assistant to President, NSC, USA
・Koichiro BANSHO, former Commander, Western Army, JGSDF
・Hidetoshi HIRATA, former Commander, Air Training Command, JASDF
・Peter MARQUEZ, former Director Space Policy, NSC, USA
・Michihiro YAMAO, formerly Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
・Hideaki WATANABE, former Commissioner ATLA, MOD