JISS participated in the Mansfield Foundation’s Symposium, Shinagawa, Tokyo – February 7, 2019

The Mansfield Foundation held the U.S.-Japan Space Forum Symposium entitled
“US-Japan Space Cooperation in the Second Space Era” supported by the US Embassy Japan. Mr. Junichi Nishiyama, JISS Deputy Director-General, participated in the panel discussion on the second stage of US-Japan Space Cooperation.
More than 100 people from the U.S. and Japan attended. It concluded successfully.

Date: February 7, 2019 (Thu) 14:30-17: 00
Place: Tama University Rule Formation Strategy Research Institute
・Welcome Speech:
Mr. Frank Janiuji, President, Mansfield Foundation
・Guest Greetings:
Mr. Michael Turner, US Embassy Japan, Embassy for Culture and Sports
・Keynote Speech:
Dr. Hiroshi Yamakawa, President, JAXA
・Panel Discussion
Dr. Saadia Pekkanen, Professor, Henry M. Jackson, Graduate School
of International Studies, University of Washington
Mr. Christopher Blackerby, COO, Astroscale Japan
Mr. Junichi Nishiyama Deputy Director-General, JISS
Dr. Setsuko Aoki, Professor, Graduate School of Legal Affairs, Keio University
John Mittleman, Ocean State Grasp (MDA) Expert
Ms. Naomi Kurahara, CEO, Infostella