NameJapan Institute for Space and Security (JISS)
Date of establishmentJuly 11, 2018.
Phone number03-6272-8500
Address3-29 Kioi-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094
Kioi-cho No. 2 Yamamoto Bldg. 3F

Background of the establishment

In the midst of the changes in the security environment surrounding Japan, especially the threat of nuclear and missile development by North Korea, the expansion of space use by China's military modernization, the recovery of Russia's space capability, and the decline of the superiority of the U.S. in space as an ally, it is necessary for Japan to secure stable use of space, strengthen space security capabilities, and promote space security cooperation with allies, especially the U.S., that share the same aspirations to contribute to world peace.

However, Japan's use of space for national security was politically restricted in the past. The enactment of the Basic Act on Space Policy in 2008 lessened these restrictions and started discussions on space use for security purposes. Still, Japan lacks sufficient technical and policy knowledge on space security, and lags behind the international community in terms of national organization, human resources, infrastructure, and budget.

The Japan Institute for Space and Security (JISS) was established by volunteers from government, academia, and industry in order to break through such a situation and to ensure transparent, safe, and stable use of space. JISS works to create space utilization strategies that comprehensively promotes the enhancement of space security capabilities, architecture development, technical research and development, promotion of defense and space industries, international cooperation, and actively execute specialized and continuous research and dissemination of these strategies.

Mission Statement

As a space-focused think tank, we propose domestic and global policies to strengthen Japan's national security space capabilities and contribute to the peaceful use of space.
Key Objective A: Enhancing Japan's space security capabilities

Contribute to the security of Japan and the international community by promoting security cooperation in space with the U.S. and other allied and friendly countries. We recommend effective technical and operational options to achieve this goal.

Utilize a “whole of government” and “joint operations” approach to space security activities. We will achieve this objective through the utilization of comprehensive space programs that support missile defense, missile technology development, and the maritime, ground, air, space, cyber, and electromagnetic domains. A critical element of this comprehensive architecture are the development of enabling technologies and operational and command and control systems that can securely task, collect, analyze, and disseminate actionable information to decision makers in an operationally relevant time.

Key Objective B: Proposing global policies as a space-focused think tank

To support Japan's space security policy making, we will utilize surveys and research to propose solutions to problems and recommend policy implementation processes.

“As Japan's counterpart to the U.S. and other allied and friendly countries, we will provide opportunities for exchange of views and opinions with foreign governments and companies, and plan and implements international projects related to space security from a global perspective based on the international situation.”

Key Objective C: Contribution to the peaceful use of space

To contribute to the realization of a safe and secure society and the establishment of a sustainable industrial base through technological innovation by promoting mutual cooperation and collaboration as a platform for domestic and international government, academia, and industry, and by conducting and disseminating specialized and continuous research.

We will strive to develop means for the peaceful use of space, especially in the areas of; disaster prevention and recovery, agriculture, fisheries, transportation, traffic, communications and electronics, and climate change."

We advocate building a robust infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and encouraging innovation in the defense and space industry in accordance with SDG Goal 9: Foundations for Industry and Innovation.

We will promote public awareness of the use of technologies and safe space operations for the peaceful use of space and encourage the public to take a greater interest in space through research and publications that contribute to the improvement of the lives of the people.

Vision Statement

Make Japanese national security space utilization equivalent to that of advanced countries.

We will engage in national security space research through: high-level, strategic approaches, not bound by existing frameworks; gain the trust of stakeholders; and become a model for advanced research institutes in Japan. We will also serve as a model for advanced research institutions in Japan that meet international security clearances.