The Inauguration Anniversary Symposium

About 250 people attended. Discussed Japan’s Space Security, concluded very meaningful discussion.

Date: February 18, 2019 (Mon) 13:30 – 17:30
Place: Parliamentary Museum Auditorium
Part I (13:30 – 15:30)
・Welcome Speech:
    Mr. Satoshi Morimoto, Chairman, JISS
・Guest Remarks:
    Mr. Kenichi Takahashi, Administrative Vice-Minister of Defense
    Dr. Hiroshi Yamakawa, President, JAXA
・Keynote Speeches:
    Mr. Shuzo Takada, Director General, National Space Policy Secretariat, The Cabinet Office
    Dr. Shinichi Nakasuka, Professor, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics,  University of Tokyo
    Mr. Peter Marquez, Partner, Andart Global (former Director Space Policy, U.S. National Security Council)

Part II (15:50 – 17:30)
・Panel Discussion“Approach on Space Use for Security”
Moderator :
  Mr. Junichi Nishiyama, Vice President, JISS
  Dr. Haruhiko Kataoka GEN ret., Vice President, JISS
  Mr. Yasuaki Hashimoto, Director, Policy Studies Dept, NIDS
  Dr. Hiroshi Koyama, Executive Fellow, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
  Mr. Andy Rayner, Military Space International Director, Lockheed Martin Corp.
  Mr. Eiichi Kiuchi, Research Fellow, JISS
・Closing Remark: 
  Mr. Hiroshi Imazu, President, JISS


 About 150 people attended. It created a friendly networking atmosphere.

Date: February 18, 2019 (Mon) (18: 00-19: 30)
Place: Parliamentary Museum Main Conference Room
・Guest Greetings
   Hon. Takeshi Iwaya, Minister of Defense
   Mr. Setsuhiro Shimomura, Special Advisor, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
   Dr. Hiroshi Yamakawa, President, JAXA
   Hon. Takeo Kawamura, Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party for Space and Ocean Development
   Hon. Yasutoshi Nishimura Deputy Secretary-General, Cabinet Secretariat
   Other Diet Members Supporting the JISS