JISS was requested by Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) “Space Strategy Subcommittee of Space and Ocean Special Committee” to make a Political Proposal on the Japan’s Space Security as a Reference for Government Budget of next year. Nagata cho, Tokyo – April 8, 2019

Date: April 8, 2019 (Mon) 16:00-17:00
Place: LDP Headquarters Room 702

・Opening (Moderater) : Hon. Shinichi Nakatani Executive Director
・Greeting: Hon. Takeo Kawamura Special Chairperson
・Greeting: Hon. Minoru Terada Chairperson
 ”Direction against the Risk of Space Security based on the LDP’s 4th Proposal.”
    Mr. Satoshi Morimoto President, JISS
    Mr. Hirokazu Kamiyama, Policy Researcher, JISS
    ( for Dr. Kataoka Vice President, JISS)
    Mr. Eiichi Kiuchi, Research Fellow, JISS
 ・Question-and-Answer session

 Members of Parliament, Ministries, Research Institute, Defense industry, Media