Briefing on JISS to LDP’s National Security & Space Leaders

On Friday October 12, JISS Chairman Morimoto and President Imazu briefed on the founding of JISS and its objectives to Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)’s national security and space leaders.
The following Diet members expressed their agreement and support for our cause and agreed to support the JISS as an Advisor on a voluntary basis and personally as an Individual Member.

Diet Members

The House of Representatives
・Hon. Takeo KAWAMURA (H. R. Chairman, Budget Committee,
 LDP Chairman, Special Committee on Space and Maritime Security)
・Hon. Gen NAKATANI (former Defense Minister)
・Hon. Yasukazu HAMADA (former Defense Minister)
・Hon. Akinori ETO (former Defense Minister)
・Hon. Itsunori ONODERA (former Defense Minister)
・Hon. Yasutoshi NISHIMURA (Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary)
・Hon. Minoru TERADA (H. R. Chairman, National Security Committee, LDP Chairman, Space Policy Research Council)
・Hon. Taku OTSUKA (former State Minister for Finance)
・Hon. Minoru KIHARA (former State Minister for Finance)
・Hon. Kenji WAKAMIYA (H.R. Chairman Foreign Affairs Committee, former State Minister for Defense)
・Hon. Keitaro ONO (former Parliamentary Vice Minister for Defense)
・Hon. Shinichi NAKATANI (LDP Secretary General, Space Policy Research Council)
The House of Councillors
・Hon. Masahisa SATO (State Minister for Foreign Affairs)