Significant changes are taking place in the security environment surrounding Japan. We observe continuing threats of North Korean nuclear and missile development, a rapid rise of space utilization in the Chinese military modernization, a buildup of space warfare capability in Russia, and the new Space Force concept of our ally in the United States.

Although Japan has initiated a steady progress in the space utilization for national security since the enactment of the Space Basic Law, we are yet to achieve those levels of space activities as seen in above countries.

Under those circumstances, in order to strengthen Japan’s security and contribute to the world peace together with countries that share same values, we need to cooperate among government, academia and industry to accelerate and expand efforts to ensure stable utilization of space, strengthen our security through space and promote cooperative space activities in the field of security based on the alliance with the United States.

However, because the use of space for national security had been restricted in Japan until the Space Basic Law, our technologies, policies and knowledge in this field are still under development even ten years after the law was enacted. There are delays in preparing required organization, personnel, infrastructure and budget. We also need to establish a comprehensive space utilization strategy that encompasses a national security space initiative and the buildup plan, research and development and international cooperation.

In the light of such situation, we have decided to establish “The Japan Institute for Space and Security (JISS)”.

As a think-tank for space and security, our objective is to strengthen capability of space use for security by ensuring a safe and stable space domain, promotion of space and defense industrial development and international cooperation, and to proactively engage in continuous expert studies, researches and outreach activities.

We believe that our goal and activities are consistent with national interests and policies of Japan, contributing to peace and stability in East Asia and Indo-Pacific region based on the Japan – U.S. Alliance.

Your strong support and cooperation for our activities will be highly appreciated.

September 2018

Japan Institute for Space and Security

Satoshi Morimoto, Chairman